Gazelles et Esquiches mélangés

An ode to the bent backs and scraped knees for the red and gold

With the pitch a little smaller and the rules slightly amended to accommodate the 12 players per side entering the arena to battle the day away.

The elbows prepared for the fray. Warming up bravely and excited to show off the pace of our speedy back line, and the brawn of our ever present, resolute and dominant forward play.

With the acreage, being severely reduced, the play was close and unattractive to boot.

The elbows held firm with hearts beating strong as we held the overall tournament winners Lunel, to a 2-2 draw in the first game of the day. With fresh blood pumping through the veins of our back line players and the old faithfuls holding strong in the pack, it was a heart warming and novel experience to start so strong. Our patient speedsters waited for their moment to attack, and so they did in fine form, piercing the line of the opposition with beautiful running, ball handling skills, and defence. Starting in such fine form, with a song in our hearts, we were all very excited about the days fortunes that lay ahead.

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